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Merton Place - Nelson's home in Surrey

Exracts from advertisements in The Times

The full advertisements provide a history of the house in particular the fittings and some of the contents which were left from the time of the occupation by Lady Hamilton. Compelte transcripts are indicate with italics. In other cases summaries only are given - please refer to the Times for full details, or contact me for a transcript of any particular advertisement.

Tmes 12 Dec 1800

Elegant FREEHOLD VILLA and PADDOCKS Merton-Place, Surry.
To be Sold by Private Contract, by Messrs. SKINNER and DYKE, by order of the Executors,
A Valuable and truly desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, pleasantly situate at Merton, a beautiful part of the County of Surry, a very respectable neighbourhood, and only 8 miles from London, late the property and residence of Charles Greaves Esq. deceased. Comprising an elegant and very comodious Brick Villa, uniformly erected on a pleasing plan and elevation; containing excellent principal appartments of large dimensions, exceedingly well fitted up and finished, with proper bedchanbers and dressing rooms, well suited with domestic offices, pleasure grounds intersected by a circular canal, and a handsome stone and brick bridge, ice house, hot and green houses, with a subterraneous passage under the high road to the beautiful shrubbery walks, lawns, and paddocks of rich meadow land, containing upwards of 52 acres, in the highest state of manurage, inclosed, and subdivided with remarkably fine live quick fences and capital park paling, the whole forming one of the completest residences in the county. - To be viewed by tickets, which may be had, with particulars, of Messrs. Skinner and Dyke, Aldergate-street, who are authorised to treat for the same. An early possession may be had.

Times 3 March, 30 Apr 1806, 13 May

Nelson's new Patent SIDEBOARD and DINING-TABLE, united in one handsome piece of furniture, the first article of which ever manufactured was intended for the most brave and ever to be lamented Admiral Lord Nelson. It is perfectly new in principle forming an elegant sideboard and also a detachable dining table, to dine from two persons upwards to 50 or 100
Morgans & Sanders, Inventors and Manufacturers, no 16 and 17, Catherine Street, Strand.

Times 13 May, 14 July, 18 July 1806


Times 12 August ,17 August, 31 Aug, 19 Sep 1807

Morgans & Chambers rename their premises TRAFALGAR HOUSE from having had the honour of the patronage and favours of the late never-to-be forgotten Admiral Lord Nelson.

Times 21 June 1808

Lady Hamilton has disposed of Merton Abbey for thirteen thousand pounds; the timber to be take at fair valuation.

Times 3 May, 11 May, 15 May 1815

Sales by Auction. Merton-place Estate, Surrey – By Mr Leonard, at garraway's on 17 may 1815 in 2 lots.
A CAPITAL FREEHOLD family MANSION and OFFICES, called Merton-Place, formerly the residence of the late Admiral Lord Viscount Nelson......22 acres. Also 3 contiguous inclosures or arable land, containing 17 acres.

Times 14 July, 17 July, 24 July, 28 July, 31 Jul 1815:

Sales by Auction.

Genteel Furniture, an elegant sweet toned Harp, rich Porcelain vases, beautiful marble tables, superb Grecian Transparent lamps, a capital Piano-forte, elegant Table Clock, Two valuable original Paintings by De Vos, a Fire Engine, and valuable effects, Merton, Surrey. By BURTON and RIST, on the premises, formerly in the occupation of Admiral Lord viscount Nelson, on Wednesday, August 2, and 2 following days, at 12, by direction of the executors.
The magnificent HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS, including lofty 4-post bedsteads with beautiful chintz and dimity furnitures, seasoned down and goose feather beds, hair and wool mattresses, and clean bedding, excellent cabinet furniture in wardrobes, chests of drawers, and dressing tables, 2 drawing room suites of rich chintz, brilliant pier and dressing glasses, mirrors, handsome Brussels carpets, set of claw dining tables, cellaret sideboard, beautiful rosewood card and loo tables, pier tables, an 8-day clock, stair carpets, oil cloths, mangle, and usual domestic furniture, 2 iron rollers, a hay cart, a dog cart, capital fire engine, melon frames, garden implements, and miscellaneous articles. To be viewed 2 days previous: catalogues, at 1s each, on the premises and of Burton and Rist, 62, Cornhill.

Times 11 Dec, 17 Dec 1816:

Sale by Auction. Furniture and effects of the late Admiral Lord Viscount Nelson. Mr Burton respectfully informs the public, he has instructions to submit to Auction, in a short time the remaining FURNITURE of the late Admiral Lord Viscount Nelson. Due notice of the day of sale will be given.

Times 6 Jan, 8 Jan 1817:

Sale by Auction. Elegant Furniture and effects, by Mr Burton on 10 Jan. The remaining HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, two manufactured specimens of the wood of the ship l'Orient, a prize of his Lordship, 4 autographies of Queen Elizabeth, and miscellaneous articles removed from the seat of Admiral lord Viscount Nelson, at Merton, for the convenience of sale to the great Room known as the King's arms tavern Cornhill.

Times 7, 9 Jun 1817:

Valuable Building materials, Merton-place, Surrey.- By Mr. LEONARD, on the premises, on Tuesday, June 24, and two following days, in Lots, unless on or before the 10th of june an acceptable offer is made for the purchase of the whole by private contract, with the Gardens, Orchard, Pleasure-grounds, and Paddock, containing altogether 22 acres.

ALL the BUILDING MATERIALS of that capital MANSION and Offices, called MERTON-PLACE, formerly the residence of Admiral Lord Nelson, situate at Merton, in the county of Surrey, 7 miles from London: consisting of 1,600 feet of deal sash frames and sashes, glazed with german sheet and crown glass, in squares of large dimensions, numerous well finished folding sash and other doors, moulded box shutters, architraves, linings, grounds, and skirtings, excellent deal batten and wainscot floors, feather-edged deal and other boarding, a wainscot staircase in three flights , with mahogany hand-rail &c., Sienna, veined, and other marble chimney-pieces and slabs, a large quantity of fir timber in purlines, rafters, plates, beams, girders, and joists, &c.; 160 feet cube of Portland stone in cills facia, and steps, &c.; 3,200 feet super of Portland, York, and Purbeck stone paving; 400 feet run of portland stone coping; about 400,000 of bricks; 36 squares of slating; 42 squares of plain tiles, and 8 tons of lead: also the materials of two large timber-built barns, and a granary: numerous valuable fixtures, in bookcases, dressers, drawers, shelves, locks, bolts, bars, and fastenings, &c.: all the above materials are conveniently situate for easy carriage to any part of the kingdom, they being within a mile of the Surrey railway, leading to the river Thames. To be viewed 10 days previous (Sundays excepted); catalogues on the premises; at Garraway's; of Mr Leonard , surveyor, Parson's-green, Fulham: and at his office, Covent-garden chambers, London.

Times 13 June 1817

Sale planned for 24 inst postponed till the latter end of August when the site of the buildings will be sold in 4 lots

Times 24 Jul 1817

Sale advertised for August is postponed to some future time.

Times 9 Jun 1818:

Auction by Mr Leonard on 12 June at Garraways in two lots - Capital Freehold Mansion and offices formerly residence of Admiral Lord viscount Nelson, and 22 acres

Times 24 May 1820:

To be sold by private contract. Capital freehold Mansion and Offices, called Merton-place, containing altogether 22 acres. Particulars from Mr Leonard, surveyor.

Times 19 Apr 1821:

To be sold by private contract, a valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE consisting of a Family Mansion and Offices called Merton-Place, formerly the residence of Admiral Lord Viscount Nelson in whole about 73 acres. Particulars from Mr Leonard, land agent and surveyor. Also from Mr Allen solicitor Clifford's-inn.

Times 10, 12, 17 Sept 1821

Excellent Materials and Fixtures of a spacious modern mansion, Merton, formerly the residence of the late Lord nelson. - By Mr. GRIMAULT, on he premsies, at Merton, Surrey, on Wednesday, Sept 19, and the following day, at 12,
The excellent Building Materials and Fixtures, comprising about 85 feet square of capital wainscot, clean batten and other flooring boards, 70 feet 2-inch 6-pannel and other doors, several pair of folding ditto, suitable for large drawing rooms, a great number of sash frames and sashes complete, Venetian and French ditto, statuary, Sienna and neat modern veined marble chimney-pieces, a real wainscot stair case complete, 2,500 feet of stone paving, 300 feet of ditto, with black dots to the hall, 120 feet of painted veranda, 30 square of slating, a great quantity of lead, iron railings, fencing, &C.: a capital force and other pumps, lead cisterns, coppers, ranges, register and other stoves, capital iron door to a strong closet, 2 waterclosets, a copper bath, a great number of bookcases, presses, and other effects. May be viewed two days previous, and the mornings of the sale; catalogues to be had at the inns in the adjacent towns; at the Old bell, Holbvorn, london, and of the auctionerr, Brentford-end.

Times 9 Nov 1821

Second Sale of Building Materials of a very large Mansion Merton, formerly residence of the late Lord Nelson – by Mr GRIMAULT, on the Premises, at Merton, Surrey on Thursday, Nov 15, and following day, at 12.
About 250,000 very good sound Bricks, cleaned and stacked, a very large quantuty of excellent fir timber, in girders, joists, plates, rafters, and quatering, 30 square of slating boards, 13000 plain tiles, 400 feet stone coping, a large qauntity of firewood, &c.; also the brickwork and timbers of the kitchen, laundry, gardener's room. icehouse, &c., now standing, and numerous other effects. may be viewed, and catalogues had at the Inns in the adjacent towns; at the Old Bell, Holborn, London; and of the auctioneer, Brentford-end.

Times 13 May 1822

A most beautiful Country Residence in the County of Suffolk to be Sold by private contract: consisting of a substantial mansion house and estate called the Roundwood, formerly the property of the late Lord viscount nelson situate within one mile of the town of Ipswich

Times 5 July 1822,

for sale by Auction. Delightful Situation for erecting one or more Villas, Merton, 8 miles from London. By Mr Grimault on Monday , July 8 at 12, in one lot.
The Site of the Mansion, Merton-place, (formerly the residence of the late Lord Nelson,) with the surrounding lawns, pleasure grounds, and extensive shrubbery walks, tastefully disposed and planted with timber and fine ornamental trees in a very luxuriant state.... 2 recently built houses. Upwards of 22 acres. ….......
May be viewed and particulars at the lodge; of Mr Inwood surveyor, Euston-place, New-road; at Garraway's; and of the auctioneer, Brentford-end.

Times 21, 29 jul 1823

late Lord Nelson's Freehold estate, Merton, Surrey – By Mr Burton at the King's Head, Merton on Wednesday 30 July at 12 in lots.
The valuable freehold estate known as the late property and retreat of Lord Viscount Nelson deceased under whose good taste and superintendence it forms an enviable site for several villas. …. upwards of 22 acres with a frontage of 2000 feet on the road to the most favourite parts of surrey

Times 13 Aug 1823

Mr Burton on 21Aug at White Hart Merton 23 plots of freehold building land

Times 12 July 1824

By Mr Mitchell at Garraways on Friday July 16 at 12 …. 25 plots of freehold building ground 25 foot frontage almost 200 foot depth

Times 10 Aug 1824

By Mr Mitchell at Garraways on Wed Aug 18 at 12, 20 plots of freehold building ground 25 foot frontage almost 200 foot depth

Total: 15 sales, 29 adverts

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